What Makes a Veteran Your Best Hire?


Since veterans have never been a part of the job industry, it is probable that they may face several challenges while searching for a job. That is exactly why veterans are advised to take career counseling services.

However, the trend is now changing. With the increased level of veteran unemployment, many startups and companies are now offering different positions to vets.

Even though veterans are not familiar with the corporate world and its dynamics, veterans are more performance oriented than others. There are plenty of characteristics that make veterans much better candidates for civil jobs.

Veterans bring the team player mentality

One of the finest skills which veterans learn during their military service is to be a leader. But one cannot become a good leader if he/she is not a good follower. Considering this, military professionals develop different leadership styles during their military career, which are based on their observation of superiors.

This dynamic ability of veterans is very much similar to the maturation-through-accumulation process, required in a corporate setup. Hence when veterans are given a responsibility in an organization, you can expect them to fulfill it with enthusiasm and to lead by example.

Big picture understanding

In the corporate culture, it is all about providing enough details to achieve the higher objective. In all seriousness, veterans are highly trained to keep a watchful eye on the bigger picture. This skill is incredibly rare, and holds particular importance particularly for investment companies in the emerging markets.

Creativity and composure under pressure

A corporate world is about operating under tremendous pressure. However, military officials, despite strict SOPs and rigid military regulations, are accustomed to making important decisions under the threat of death and in a myriad of various uncertain situations. They hold great ability to fight off unprecedented situations and that’s what differentiates them from the ordinary.