Veterans and the Preferred Professions


With the growing rate of unemployment, employers are now having a hard time finding the potential and skilled applicants to fill offered positions. And this indicates that the power in the employment market lies more with job-searchers and not the employers.

With that being said, veterans are in the most comfortable position to take advantage of such an optimistic job market.

But the question is; what professions are best suited for former military workers, opting to transition into civil life?

Well, to answer this question, here are the three professions which are most recommended for veterans.


Veterans who are stationed overseas can easily opt for jobs that required different language skills and are required by many employers. So; one recommended profession for a veteran is to take the job as interpreters or translators.

Network Administrator

A lot of former military personnel has had technological training previously, and this can be used as a career, later in life. A network or system administrators can take the advantage of veterans’ previous technical training and with some on-job training, this can be transformed into a complete IT career, allowing the newly joined veterans with a handful of more directions as they run down the road.

Physical Therapist

Currently, there are more than 1500 physical therapists, who are employed by different veteran affairs’ departments. So being a veteran, if you hold some previous experience of working as a nurse or physical therapist, during your former service, you can give this back to the civil community as being a trained physical therapist.


Nevertheless, there are many opportunities for veterans to start their career in some decent profession. In addition to above-listed professions, and as you take the assistance of a career counseling service; you may also opt for financial adviser, human resource manager, registered nurse or management consultant.