Six Tips to Shine In Your Interview


The transition from military life to a civil career is quite challenging for veterans. Many veterans feel anxious, nervous or often excited before appearing for an interview. But just like any other job seeker, there are some interview tips that every veteran must follow to ace their job interview.

Just like military training, the preparation of interview is highly crucial. While most job interviews evaluate character traits, already possessed by veterans such as leadership skills, integrity, ability to work under pressure and discipline, there are some skills for which veterans must get prepared beforehand.

To help you further, here are the top six tips to consider while appearing for the interview.

  1. Always dress to impress and when we say this, it does not mean military dress.
  2. Never use the military acronym, ranks, and practice that translate military language prior to the interview. Use the occupational classification of military and scan and identify similar jobs in the civilian workforce. Also, match the military experience and review the job description with the needed skills and discuss these attributes thoroughly.
  3. Highlight your military projects and skills. Mention your particular certification, training or any other specialized experience that might give you an edge over other candidates.
  4. Emphasize your dedication to the applied job. Help your employer to fully recognize your loyalty and dedication to your country that will, in turn, make for a loyal and dedicated employee.
  5. Mention a particular situation in the military where you are successfully achieving the goals. Most employers ask applicants about previous job experience to ascertain how applicants will conduct themselves in current positions.
  6. Highlight your references. Chances are most of your references belonging to your time in military service will be impressive. Don’t forget to mention that.

Lastly, take the assistance of a career counseling service to polish your current skills and chances of acquiring a fulfilling position as your first civil job.