The Role of Your Business Card in Your Job Search


A business card creates a good first impression. It is more than just a card with a small piece of information; in fact, it reflects your skills, background, and capabilities to an upcoming opportunity in a much convincing manner.

So what makes your business card so valuable for job search?

Your business card is your:

  • Important tool for marketing. It symbolizes your interests, professionalism, goals, and also shares your relevant contact information
  • Ability to connect with people with added confidence. It helps you in networking with people; the exchange of business cards allows people to create professional relationships.
  • Link to your different social profiles. It provides additional information about your experiences, achievements, goals, and skills in your previous military position.

What are the essentials of an effective business card?

Well, to use your business card as a good first impression and to use it as an anchor in seizing job opportunities, you must design it strategically. Your business card must be:

  • Comprehensive - with pertinent information
  • Readable - in terms of font and clarity
  • Uncluttered - as it is not your resume but a gist of your skills
  • Professional - in terms of design, with an appropriate base color such as white or ivory.
  • Simple - with some logo or symbol that you like to keep with your information or name.
  • Complete - with relevant information on both sides of your card and links to your social profiles.
  • A true reflection of your individuality - your card must reflect your personal style.

As you transit your vocation from military to civilian, you will come across many opportunities to exchange your business card with potential employers. It is a true reflection of your professionalism and a powerful marketing tool to help you succeed in your future career.

Moreover, don’t forget to take the professional assistance of a well-reputed career counseling service to fully employ your potential for your own betterment.