Networking Is Important For Success


As you transit into the civilian sector and start your job search, you must develop good networking skills. It is said that it’s not what you know, but who you know that matters the most.

Your ability to establish strong networks to find a meaningful career in the civilian sector is a significant part of your job search.

Benefits of Networking

Your networking ability is imperative in getting a job, keeping a job, and most importantly, in finding a job. It is your chance to meet people who are the most relevant to your career growth.

Here are some of the fundamental reasons to expand your network.

  • People tend to work with people they trust and know. If your network comprises of only a small number of people, you will receive less help or endorsement in time of need.
  • People who hold the same insight, knowledge, and resources can short-cut the learning curve. Hence, by having a network of similar individuals, you can not only lean on them but also improve your understanding of various aspects of your future career.
  • A network of good people grows itself. People in your network know more people. If they believe in you and your capabilities, they will introduce you and refer you to the most relevant opportunities that you might miss out otherwise.
  • When you have a network of trustworthy people, they act as your eyes and ears. Since you cannot be present everywhere at once, they help you in seizing the right career opportunities. They help in improving visibility and in keeping you informed.

For a military professional, the idea of networking might be unfamiliar. But as you start it, you will soon realize its significance in your career, as well as your personal life. Moreover, as you search for a job, don’t forget to take the professional assistance of counseling service. This will assist you in making efforts more purposefully and lead you in the right direction.