How to Make It to the Top of the Job Search Ladder


The process of job search is similar to climbing a ladder. Each rung helps you move towards the next step. The goal is to reach the top of the ladder i.e. to successfully get the job offer.

Particularly for veterans; unless they understand the importance and details of each step, it is difficult to get a job letter in hands. They may end up in between and may need to start from the scratch.

Here is what you know about each rung and what importance it holds for you.

Rung #1 – Your resume must contain the right keywords. This will help companies to find your resume whenever there is a vacancy.

Rung #2 – The title of your resume must be compelling enough. It should be interesting enough to make employers click through and read it.

Rung #3 – Your resume must fully communicate your accomplishments and skills and it should clearly answer the question ‘why should they hire you?’ Such resumes are more likely to lead to an initial phone screening process.

Rung #4 – Always be prepared before stepping into the interview room. You must have rehearsed the answers about your experiences and learned skills. Tell them how your military experience perfectly meets the skills needed for the job role. This is exactly why you have passed the phone screen and invited for an in-person interview.

Rung #5 – Be properly dressed up for the interview. Know about the company and its offered services. This will help you ask relevant questions. Show good communication skills and establish a positive and real connection with the interviewers.


All of these steps are highly crucial for a veteran to reach the top of job search ladder. Each step leads to the next step and this is exactly how you grow in your civil job search. To get better assistance it is always highly recommended to take good career counseling services.