Do You Qualify As a Veteran?


When we talk about a veteran, you might think of a military person. While you may come across slightly different definitions of the term ‘veteran’, most of the dictionaries would define this term as;

‘A former military person, who has served in the military or armed forces; or maybe a soldier (senior) who has been in service for long’

In simple words, or for the purposed of VA services and health benefits, any person who has served and has been discharged from active military services, or may be released following the conditions which are other than dishonorable, is referred as a veteran.

The Basic Eligibility Criteria

If you wish to qualify as a veteran or wish to avail health care benefits, you must have served and been discharged from active military service in favorable conditions. Moreover, former or current National Guard or members of the Reserves, who were serving active duty and completed the duration for which they received a federal order, may also be eligible for health benefits offered to people, referred as veterans.

So what are the benefits which are offered to a veteran?

If you are eligible as a veteran then you can be eligible for many benefits. These may include;

  • Disability compensation
  • Medical benefits
  • Home loan
  • Education benefits
  • Pension
  • Career counseling
  • Federal hiring preference, others.

There are many benefits offered to an eligible veteran. However, to avail these services, one must take the assistance of professional services, offering solutions to avail the various benefits offered to veterans.

For instance, if you are searching assistance to transit into a civil life, availing the required training or finding a relevant job, then you must take the help of a well-reputed career counseling service. This will help you in setting the right direction and utilize your potential for your own betterment.