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Have you been applying for numerous jobs but getting nowhere? Are you about to transition out of the military soon, but are still unsure of what your career path will be? Have you been at a job for a while, but starting to feel like you’ve hit a ceiling?

Is career coaching right for you?

Whatever your concerns, Veteran Career Counseling Services (VCCS) offers a wide range of tailored career coaching services performed by a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) for veterans that are specifically designed to get you moving confidently in the right direction.

Check out the two package options below.



Identifying Your Target
Veteran Career Counseling ServicesIf you are unsure of which job(s) you want to target, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The overwhelming majority of Americans fall into this category at some point. Unfortunately, most of them don’t seek professional guidance, so they muddle through life bouncing from one unfulfilling job to the next. With this service we will serve as your spotter, helping you to locate your ideal job and make the necessary adjustments to nail your target. Our career counselors take a holistic approach to coaching, so the end result is that you will feel confident you have identified the career that best suits your professional goals without sacrificing your personal ambitions.

Package includes:

  • Up to 4 hours of coaching
  • Career evaluation
  • Skills evaluation
  • Personality evaluation
  • Industry evaluation
This package cost $500


Charting Your Course
Veteran Career Counseling ServicesSo you have your target job or career field in mind, but don’t know how to get there. With this coaching package, our career counselors will work with you to chart a course to reach your target job or career field, and equip you with the appropriate personal branding tools to get there faster.

Package includes:

  • Up to 10 hours of coaching
  • Career evaluation
  • Skills evaluation
  • Personality evaluation
  • Industry evaluation
  • Targeted Resume (with 90 days of free revisions)
  • Cover letter
  • Post-interview letter
  • Electronic resume (HTML format)
  • Reference Sheet
  • Social Media Branding
  • Job Search Profile
  • Resume blast
  • Job search strategy creation
  • Interview preparation
  • Networking skills

Corporate Federal Both
$1300 $1400 $1500
Corporate Federal Both
$1600 $1700 $1800
Corporate Federal Both
$1800 $1900 $2000
Individual Coaching Sessions

Interview Preparation and Salary Negotiation (up to 2 hours): $200
Click here to add an Interview Preparation and Salary Negotiation to your order.

Professional Networking (up to 1 hour): $100
Click here to add a Professional Networking to your order.

Generating a Job Search Strategy (up to 1 hour): $100
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Up to 10 hours of coaching over a 90-day period
Our resume writers will schedule up to 3 hrs/week of one-on-one coaching with you at times that are convenient to your schedule. Coaching sessions will be in one-hour increments and will be stretched over approximately a 90-day period. Coaching will be conducted either over the phone, or via internet video teleconferencing tools such as Skype or GoToMeeting.

Cover Letter
Our writer creates a unique cover letter that summarizes your background and qualifications, and makes it clear to the hiring official why you should be called in for an interview.

Post-Interview Letter
Make sure hiring managers remember you with this professionally written follow-up letter highlighting of your skills.

Electronic Resume (HTML Format)
The Electronic Resume is specially designed to be posted on job board websites while retaining format and design.

Resume blast
We will blast your military resume to dozens of career websites, including general job board websites such as Career.com, and Jobs.com as well as websites of corporations specific to your field at your request. This service will not only save you time and energy, but is designed to make employers find you.

Reference Sheet
We will create a reference sheet with up to five references that you provide us with. Including a reference sheet with your resume makes contacting your references easier for the person reviewing your application. (also add this to the descriptions on the Resume Page)

Job search strategy
Having a strategy for your job search will save you tons of time and energy. Our coaches will work with you to help you understand how your lifestyle, needs and wants fit into your career goals, and help you create a job search schedule and strategy that factors in your daily activities.

Interview Preparation
Interviewing can be stressful for anyone. And it can be even more stressful for veterans who do not have experience conducting civilian interviews. Our career coaches will train you on interviewing best practices and conduct mock interviews with you to increase your confidence.

Networking skills
We've all heard the phrase, it's not just what you know, but who you know. Networking does not come naturally to everyone; and even those that are natural extroverts often need tips on creating networking strategies to reach the right people.

Connection to a veteran mentor in field of work
There's no substitute for experience. That's why when your coaching sessions are over we will try to pair you with another veteran who works in your field, so you may gain from their experience and insight.

Career evaluation
Our career coaches will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your work history with you to gain insight to your career track and trajectory.

Skills evaluation
As you are well aware, most members of the armed forces don't only do their primary job, but instead do several other duties in addition to their primary MOS. The career coach will also work with you to evaluate any additional skills you have acquired along the way in addition to your experience gained on the job.

Personality evaluation
Our coaches appreciate that you will not be fully content in your career if the job does not fit your personality. That's why we do a thorough structured evaluation of your personality traits to determine which field(s) might fit you best.

Industry evaluation
Every industry is different, and every local job market is different. Our coaches have several tools at their disposal that will provide you with real-time evaluation of the industry you're trying to get in, and inform you of hiring trends in your region.