4 Questions that Veterans Must Ask Before Signing the Job Offer


Before you finally get the job letter in your hands, you spend months perfecting your resume, polishing your interview skills, searching for jobs and applying for it. Now you have the job offer to accept but should you simply accept it?

Well, you’ve spent a lot of time and energy to pursue the job offer but before you sign the letter it is imperative to know if the job is actually a good fit for you?

Here are the four major questions that will clarify your job role and reveal important facts about the organization.

#1 – What it’s like to spend a day in this job role?

This question will elucidate your everyday job responsibilities. What you will be doing each day.

#2 – Ask about the persons who have succeeded in this job role previously and how they did it.

This question will reveal if you are the right fit to be mold into successful employee or company just went out on a limb and hired you. This will also give you a chance to tell them about the skills that only a veteran can bring.

#3 – What can possibly go wrong in job role?

This question will help you recognize and learn from the mistakes made by others and will help you avoid them.

#4 – Ask if you can take any initiative or up to which extent?

This will help identify the limit of your authority and how you can take initiatives without misusing the given authority. Oftentimes, people are surprised by the limited authority offered in a job role.


Since veterans belong to different forte there are many challenges that might come across in a new job role. This is exactly why you should ask these four major questions as well as take career counseling services.